This App Is Helping Me Become Much More Productive Daily By Eliminating Distractions: New Find

Want to take your productivity daily to a whole new level by eliminating distraction and improving your focus , this app will help

How I Found it

You know how I always say “The universe has your back “ on instagram and it looks like I am just speaking English

If you don’t know 🙂, this is my instagram handle, you will find that I and the universe are good Friends

Well, finding this app is one of those instances where I know she has my back

I recently launched a 21 days productivity challenge because I found that my productivity was in the toilet

I was really struggling to focus and get work done

Plus procrastination was not allowing me be great

On one of the evenings some 5 days to the beginning of the challenge, I was researching media companies and how they started

I decided to check out this company called Betches, I love them on instagram and went to look up their starting point

In one of the interviews, one of the co-founders was talking about how productive she had become and the tool that helps her stay productive

She mentioned it and what it does and immediately, I knew I had to try it

Just so you know, at the time of this article , I was being heavily distracted by Instagram

I would go to work and somehow end up on instagram or YouTube

This app is helping me increase my focus big time

So, this is how it works

How It Works

The tool simply hides all the apps that are distracting to you away so you can’t find it for a specific time

If you need to work, you select work and then, choose say 2 hours to focus on work and for that 2 hours

There will be no instagram, Snapchat , google , YouTube

Just you, Your Phone and your work

This forces you to actually focus your attention on the work you need to be doing

I also am learning to use this app now for my “me time” practice

I hate that I am on social media most of the day and that leads to burn out mentally and enables me to just lazy around

I can set 1 hour for me to just cool off by reading a bio, taking a walk or just sleeping

Name Of The App And How To Set It Up

The name of this app is called FLIPD

How does it work ?

Step 1: Download the FLIPD app and set it up

Tap on “Get started” to start setting up

During your sign up process, you will find this come up

Tap on “Unplug” unless your goal is to stay focused in class

After signing up, you will get this prompt asking you to verify your email

Go into your email address and verify it

Once this is done, you should land here

This area above is for SESSIONS.

You tap on one and choose to go for the timeframe it has doing that thing

For example, sleep is scheduled for 8hrs, once you tap on sleep, the timer starts but, you can end sessions whenever

The feature I am obsessed with though is the FULL LOCK MODE feature

It is the feature that locks away all my distractions so I can work

When I tap on it, this comes up

So, first I choose what I want to go off the grid for and the time frame as you see above and then, I tap on “Begin Session”

If this is your first time using the app

You will keep getting a prompt that you are either offline or using poor network

You will have to download an app that helps FLIPD deactivate apps

FLIPD will give you the step by step guide and name of the app to get started

Once you are done setting up, you are good to go

Want to 10X your productivity daily. this app will help you do that by eliminating distractions

Do you have any productivity tools you use, let us know

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