The Top 10 Best Free Tools For Creating High Converting Landing Pages

“But, why do I need a landing page for every campaign I run, why can’t I just use my website”

This was exactly my reaction when I came across the term ” landing pages”

To explain landing pages simply to you

Imagine you walk into shoprite today

You went to buy indomie

On getting there you walk around a bit and cannot find it, you go to the servers and ask them what the aisle for indomie is

They have no clue and ask you to keep looking

You get tired and decide to go to GAMES because you don’t have the inagy to waste

In the case of the online business, your website is SHOPRITE and all your product or service offerings are the plenty products in shoprite

Say you are advertising your course or launching your new clothing line

anyone who sees it and chooses to follow the link you are offering is looking to find what you are advertising

When they land on your homepage and have to do that extra leg work, most of them choose to leave

When I launched the animation course, I created a separate landing page for it and when I launched the video shooting and editing masterclass, I did the same thing

When people folllow the link, they are taken directly to what I am selling that they need

This is why a landing page is as important as a website

Another reason is, landing pages give you the room to explain a lot more things and answer some of the questions your potential clients have

So far, in my time running different businesses, these are some of my absolute best tools for creating a landing page for free


This is the newest on my list and the absolute best

I love it a little too much. The best part, It is owned by an African, to be more precise, a Nigerian

When it comes to design, this is one of my absolute best tools. The design is minimal, easy to navigate and very modern

When it comes to features, they have enough features for a new product although, there are certain features I would love to see as they keep going

Best part, you can actually edit pages from your cell phone when working with Disha or your laptop and it works very well on both

While Disha was designed to be a direct competitor for Linktr.ee, it is so much more than a link in bio.

The downside of Disha is you can only create one site

Unlike some of these other tools, you can’t have a lot of different landing pages, only one.


I found this tool recently and I love it so so much

The tool is super simple when it comes to design

It is easy to use on mobile as it is on a laptop which I love

It has some features but very basic

I also love this tool so much because, the tool has a fee of $19 to upgrade for a whole year which I think is an absolute steal

Carrd comes with some already created templates and the option to build from scratch

2. LaunchAco

I have been using this for close to a year now and even have a whole tutorial video on it here on my youtube channel

I love it because of how simple it is and how easy it is to use on my mobile phone

Launchaco doesn’t have a lot of features but, it has few unique features

A drop down menu feature, reviews with images on your screen features, medium blog connection, you name it

The thing I dislike about it is that, the upgrade fee is pretty high

I believe it is around $50-$59

Also, launhaco doesn’t come with already built templates

You would need to create everything from scratch, by yourself.

If you dont have strong web design ideas, you may want to skip this tool

3. MailChimp

Mailchimp is an incredible tool

But, for the best experience in all forms, stick with using laptop

You can also try using the mobie app but, I have my best experience with mailchimp on mobile

While mailchimp is popular for being an email marketing tool, it also has a feature that makes it possible for people to create landing pages using the tool

The tool comes with few templates you can customize to suit your business but, it doesn’t give you the room to build from scratch. The most you can do is edit the existing templates

4. WordPress Pages

In this case, I don’t mean wordpress. com

I mean, self hosted wordpress sites

I know, this can be a little confusing for anyone just coming across it but, there is a difference

You can read more on that here but, the key thing to note is that, the self hosted wordpress sites allow you to use a ton of plugins and exposes you to a lot more benefits than the former

That being said, building landing pages with the self hosted one is super easy to do

Every self hosted wordpress sites gives you the option to decide if you want a page to be a landing page or a normal one

You can use the landing page option to create a landing page if you want to

An example of this is what you see here where she teaches how to create something like linktree without using linktree and paying for it

The advantages of this is that, the traffic comes directly to your site

The disadvantages of this is that, it may be tougher to design by someone with little knowledge of web design versus other tools that have templates

Plus, if you do not have a self hosted webiste, you cannot use this tool

If you have a self hosted WordPress site but, you don’t know how to do this, simply follow these images below

5. Elementor

So, this isn’t an independent tool

Elementor works with wordpress as well but, it does a better job of building pages than wordpress on its own

Infact, lots of top developers use elementor to create websites for people as well

While their paid versions are pretty expensive, you can use the free version to do basic work

I used it once to attempt creating a landing page and this is what I will advise

Since, it doesn’t have a theme, make sure you have a clear design as to what you want to create

When it comes to features, elementor has a lot of amazing features including animated texts which by the way is my absolute favorite

Also note that it only works with self hosted wordpress sites


Yes, I was also super shocked when I found canva listed as a tool for creating landing pages

These people are a jack of all trades and master of all when it comes to design

I have never used CANVA when it comes to creating landing pages but, I intedn to try it out

This youtube video shares a lot in detail regarding it

I don’t know much about it so, you would have to learn fully as you use it

But, here is what I know, Canva has a lot of gorgeous templates and so, it will definitely be useful in building a beautiful page

7. Wix

This list ould not be complete without wix

It was one of my best tools to work with when I first got into web products

Why I love wix?


Wix will spoil you with templates when building your landing page

They literally have options for everything

I also love how easy it is to edit the templates

If you are looking for a tool with plenty plenty features, wix is a king in this area

You can edit until you have belle full

I believe this tool cannot be used effectively on mobile if at all

I absolutely love it and honestly, find it shocking that I haven’t used it in a while

It is just like using wordpress themes but, the landig page feature allows you to build one page websites

8. Tilda

If you love simplicity and minimal design, you will love Tilda

I found this tool by accident and I was blown away

I will be honest, I was a little confused when I was trying to use it but, I know if i stuck with it for a while, I would have loved it

Tilda has templates that have that minimal,simple design and super clean feel

You can use their blocks features and I believe, on laptop, it will be very easy to use

The tool also makes room for SEO features but, I believe this is only for their paid options which begins at $15

I love how modern this tool is and yes, it has its own abundance of features which you will find if you are using the tool on laptop

Do note that you can only create 1 landing page using Tilda on their free plan

Want to create more, you have to upgrade

Have some secret landing page tools you use, please do share here with a sister

9. Ucraft

I will be honest, I really struggled with choosing to share this tool

It is like one of my absolute best kept secrets


Because ucraft does something no other tool allows you to do do

  1. It gives you blocks , already designed for you to place and arrange how you choose

These blocks are designed so you don’t have to overthink your design process

You can also edit the blocks if you wish

2. It allows you to connect your domain name to the landing page for free

I am so obsessed with this tool you have no idea

I can connect a domain name to the landing page and when people search my domain name, they land on my site 🙂

It isn’t a website but it sure works like one

This is literally my absolute best landing page tool

Now, to be honest, this tool isn’t easy to work with

You need to practice for a while to get a hang of it

Also, for their free plan, they leave their name very largely imprinted on your landing page which I hate

Finally, the tool has few templates that are free for something that works best on blocks , pre-designed blocks

Want to use more, you have to upgrade

To be fair, their upgrade fees aren’t all that expensive

I honestly feel like the company would do better with this as their main tool but, maybe I am wrong

One more thing worth of note, this tool doesn’t work on mobile which SUCKS

10. Weebly

To be honest guys, I haven’t used this tool before

But, I love how it comes off and it seems really cool

Looking to just try different things till you find what works for you, do try this out as well

So, Diamond, which tool here is the best ?

My absolute top picks are Carrd and Ucraft

They work easily for me

You may love them as much

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