Learn the skills you need to start your own online business or grow your new online business.

What is LaunchBux

Imagine all the different things you will need to do to get your business running and start getting paying clients in the door. From e-mail marketing to facebook ads, content creation to selling. What if you could learn how to do all these things without spending so much money?

your dream

if you are here, i take it you re interested in knowledge and gaining the skills needed to start or grow your online business. 

For me, having certain skills have

saved me so much money when it comes to running my business and, saved me the stress of depending on others to get things done especially when I don’t have the budget to pay them

I built this entire website that you are reading from by myself, created the membership myself, manage my instagram, edit my videos for youtube and set up my email funnels all by myself. Will it be easier to hire people in the beginning to do them for me? YES but, as you already know, when starting out, money can be tight.

Building your dream life

If you are looking to start your own online business or grow your new online business and you know you are lacking in the skills needed to do so, skillshop is designed for you. 

You can go from knowing nothing about email marketing or social media to building your own website, growing your following to 12,000 on instagram, creating content that converts followers to paying clients while spending next to nothing. 

Is it for you?

Skillshop is for you if you want to start an online business or grow a new online business but,

you don't have the tech. skills needed
you do not have the money to hire people now
you have some money but are saving up for marketing
you hAve little to no online business experience
YOU DO NOT HAVe a lot of money to buy multiple courses

I totally get it,

starting a business with little capital is difficult. There are a million things to do and delgating isn’t something you can do now because you do not have the funds for it. Paying tons of money to get help also isn’t an option. this is why skill-shop was created, so you can learn these skills and implement it in your business without having to break the bank.

This is what will happen after you become a skillshop member

Imagine this

you want to create your own website, you take 30 days and its up. You want to start a youtube channel, you take 30 days and its up. You want to start creating high converting content on instagram, you go learn how to do it and in 30 days, its up.

you only spend $15 a month to have access to all these skills and lessons. you never have to worry about money to hire someone to create your sales funnel, you simply go into your skillshop dashbaord and its there. you watch, follow the steps and your funnel is up. how does that sound to you? No money to hire people, no problem.

Benefits of Launchbux

Launhbux is

100% online for you

skillshop videos are 100% pre-recorded and live expert trainings are recorded as well to watch at your pace

has clear actionable steps

the videos come with clear steps to take so nothing is confusing and you can easily achieve your goals

comes with support

with skillshop, you can easily ask questions when you do not understand what you are learning and you get replies to give you clarity

comes with resources

skillshop doesn’t have videos alone, it also has e-books, workbooks, templates, toolkits, checklists, e.t.c that are dropped monthly

has community

you will not be alone on this journey. inside, you will connect with others like you building their dream lives

comes from experience

everything you are learning comes from years of experience not theory  or textbook knowledge

Is it for all kinds of businesses?

no, skillshop is specifically for online business owners. Most of the skills you will be learning in skillshop are tech and digital skills. 

some classes inside skillshop

new classes and resources are released monthly inside

In this class, you will learn some key things to focus on if you are working to begin creating content on instagram that converts to sales 

this course has 11 modules. 

Inside, you will be learning everything you need to know about shooting and editing videos on your cellphones. 

This videos can be used for online content, competitions, youtube content , product video content to name a few


In this class, you will learn the different marketing strategies you can apply to grow your own online business. Growing a business works beyond just instagram or content marketing and in this class, you will see what other options you can use and how to use them effectively


IN this class, you will learn how to create your own website on less than $200 and design it from start to finish. 

inside ths class, you will learn how to set up your instagram so you can attract your target audience and build visibiltiy online. 

Choose the perfect plan

pick the plan that best suits your pocket and your goals. 



get the skills you need to make your dream business a reality

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