Got a burning question, no money for coaches and feeling stuck? this sessions are designed for you

Step 1: Buy access

Question and answer sessions on hellofounder cost 4 credits. Once you buy a session, you will be sent the invite link to sign up. Sessions are only made avialble to 20 people at a time. Once the room is filled, you will be sent to a waitlist for the next session. 

Who hosts the sessions?
The sessions are hosted by our founder or, successful entrepreneurs whom we invite into the community. You ask, they answer

Step 2: S ign up

If you buy access without signing up, you will not be able to attend the session and those credits wasted.Ensure to follow the re-direct link after buying session to sign up

How long do sessions last
3-4 hours. Once all questions are answered, sessions are closed

Step 3: Mark day

Because the sessions only hold once every month, you need to ask that we remind you when  the session is about to go live. Don’t worry, this is a super easy process.2

Is it 1:1?
No. Sessions are held in a group of 20. You get to learn from others and they learn from you as well plus, you connect with other people like you

Step 4: Attend

Attendees are to show up with their questions and writing materials. The sessions usually involve a lot of breakdown and work through. Think of it as a coaching session but only lasting once a month and you are sharing space with other people

How much are sessions?
Sessions are worth 4 credits. Once you buy your credits, you can use 4 credits to book a session for the month


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