How to create a high selling e-book from start to finish



If you have been thinking of creating an e-book but, you aren’t very sure how to get started or, have been procrastinating, this class will help you get going

In this class, you will learn


  • The tools you need to create your e-book
  • The exact steps to take to get you from start to finish
  • The process of making your writing easier


This is for


  • People who want to create a digital product
  • People who want to create an e-book
  • People who want to start an e-book but do not know where to start or how
  • People who are tired of giving excuses and procrastinating their e-book creation


By the end, you will learn


  • The exact process to go from start to finish with your e-book
  • The tools you will need to get your e-book done




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