E-mail marketing made easy: how to build an email list fast



Looking to start building your e-mail list, this crash course will help you go from 0-1000 subscribers fast

In this class, you will learn


  • The most important tool you need if you want to build your e-mail list fast
  • How to create your own lead magnet
  • The tactic I have used to build my email list to 1,000 fast
  • The different types of lead magnets and the ones that work well
  • The free tools to use in setting up your own email list


This class is for you if

  • You want to build an email list of your own but do not know where or how to do it
  • You have started the process of building your email list but it has been small
  • You want to use email marketing to bring in sales for your business
  • You need to start getting leads in your business


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