New Find: This Website offers free legal documents for business owners on almost everything

Ever want legal documents you can use in your business but, do not want to invest in a lawyer yet or go buying documents yet, this tool has got your back

I remember the first time I got my first one-on-one client, I was excited for sure but, I had watched a lot of videos talking about the importance of getting things in writing and signing them off when working with new clients, companies and the sort

The last thing you want is to deal with client problems and someone telling you, you didn’t meet expectations and deliverable simply because those things weren’t stated clearly and signed on

The worst is when the client will start demanding for more than their payment covers

Now, while I knew I needed a contract for I and my client to start work on great terms, I also didn’t want to go and spend $69 on lawyers to draft up one agreement or contract for me

So, I went hunting for legal documents and that is when I found this tool

The tool allows you to download tons of free legal documents on everything from interior design contract agreement to coaching, business partner contracts and even wills

The best part, you are allowed to customize it how you like and oh, it is 100% free

Even though there were lots of resources available online, I wanted a tool with resources that were

  1. From lawyer
  2. High quality
  3. And free

I got to know about this tool for Afua Osei , the founder of ShelEadsAfrica and since she thought it is great and has worked with a lot of contract agreements, I knew it would be great for me

The name of the tool is called DOCRACY

This is how to get started on it

First, head on to their website here

This should look this way

Next, click on the search area and type in what you are looking for

I am looking for coaching agreement.So, I will search for “Contract agreement “

This will come up

Now, you can see most of the things showing up are life coaching agreements, I will keep scrolling down till I find what I am looking for which is a coaching agreement for business

I found this one

Now, look at at the places I am pointing to with the arrows, you can see the download and the other option

I usually click on download as PDF to download mine and then, edit it by copying and pasting onto another plain document in word

You can also customize it right there on the internet by pressing the green button

Once you press the blue button, you will see a drop down that looks like this in the image above, you can then download or click on the green to customize

That’s all

I love this tool as it has saved me so much money in legal documents and hiring lawyers

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