Start your own online business with success on less than $500 and go from idea to paying clients within 90 days

What is LaunchBux

Launchbux is a 4 months program inside Hellofounder that guides you from where you are now, wanting to start a business but not knowing how or where to start to launching your business on less tha $500 and booking paying customers/clients within 90 days.

your dream

if you are here, i am guessing you have a dream that involves you living a life doing and being so much more than you are  now. 

For me, my dream life involves

making money doing what I love and building a legacy that will outlive me, living in full alignment with my purpose, never having to worry about money for me or my family

being able to help people without checking my balance and not worrying if I can afford havard school fees for my kids.it  involves complete abundance both financially, physically and spiritually . Does any of this resonate with you?

Building your dream life

if building your dream life involves building your own business, then Launchbux is perfect for you. You deserve a shot at making your dream business and life a reality, and this program inside of Hellofounder was created to help you make that happen. 

Launchbux is for aspiring entrepreneurs who want to start an online business in fashion, service , tech, e-commerce, coaching, information and media but do not know where or how to start.

Is it for you?

Launchbux is for you if you want to start your own online business but

You don't know where or how to start
you don't have a lot of funding
you have little to no business experience
you are afraid of starting only to fail
you struggle with procrastination
you struggle with self doubt and impostor syndrome
you feel way too old to be starting a business
you do not have support from friends and family

I totally get it,

starting a business can be a very lonely, scary, confusing, what the F*** I’m I doing kind of task. But, what if you had someone guiding you showing what to do, what mistakes to avoid, someone taking you by your hand from start to results

This is what will happen after you enroll in LaunchBux

Imagine this

working hours that you have given yourself not because your boss demands this but because your dreams do. you call the shots

opening your account balance only to find you are making everything you made at your day job in one week, working from wherever you choose to: your bed , cafe or office, you decide. feeling completely fulfilled cause you are doing what you love and you have hacked how to make money doing it. Waking up every week not dreading Monday. do you want this? 

Benefits of Launchbux

I can hear your mind chiming

what if this doesn’t work. I don’t have time for this, I don’t have money now. I don’t feel ready. I need more real life experience. what if its all a scam, what will people say about me doing this? I’m i even qualified for this? 

your mind is doing what it does best, try to keep you safe using fear. 

Launhbux is

100% online for you

the videos are downloadable and live sessions are recorded so you can watch at your own pace.

has clear actionable steps

you are given actions to take step by step. So, step 1, do this and so forth

Comes with coaching

during the program, you will get 2 calls per week. One to learn, one to guide you through im plementation

Has tools to help

tools like workbooks, templates, scripts, checklists, manuals, e-books. All to make execution easier 

has community

you will not be alone on this journey. inside, you will connect with others like you building their dream lives

comes from experience

everything you are learning comes from years of experience not theory  or textbook knowledge

Is it for all kinds of businesses?

No, Launhcbux is for you if you are looking to start an online business in e-commerce businesses, tech based business, service based businesses and membership based businesses.

the launchbux curriculum

this curriculum is designed as steps to take when launching


This is the first step inside Launchbux. In this phase, you will learn how to overcome things like fear of failure, fear of rejection, uncertainty, self-doubt, impostor syndrome to take the actions you need that will bring you closer to your dream life. Lots of people will tell you a successful business launch begins with strategy, it doesn’t. Business is grilling on some days, without the right mindset pushing past and achieving your goal will be difficult. 

You will also learn about money blocks and become aware of your own money blocks. Finally, you will learn some key mindset changes to make when it comes to thinking like an entrepreneur.

This is the second step you will be taught inside Launchbux. In ideation, you will learn how to come up with  a viable business idea, how to choose the best idea to run with when you have multiple ideas, how to come up with a viable business idea from your passion. 

By the end of this phase, you will have come up with a viable business idea to go to market with. If you do not have a business idea but, you know you want to start a business, this step is for you. 

This step will also teach you how to ensure your business idea is worth investing in. So, if you have a business idea but, you aren’t sure if it is worth investing in, you will learn how to make sure it is

This is the third phase and third step in launching your business. At this phase, you will learn how to map out your target audience, your niche, your offer, your brand message,  your unique selling point amongst others. 

This step is always skipped by founders making growth after launch. You will be able to do this for your business idea and in doing so, get more clarity on your business idea

By this step, the focus will be on validating your business idea. This is the final phase in ensuring that your business idea is worth investing in. 

By the end of this phase, you will finish with idea validation and get to know for sure if your business idea is worth investing in or not

This is the step where you create the very first version of your product and service. You will learn how to create a product or service that works on less than $500. 

This step is the final phase of your launch process. In this step, you will learn how to launch a product or service with success and get paying customers through the door. 

By the end of this phase, you will have a business and paying clients coming in fully. 

Choose the perfect plan

pick the plan that best suits your pocket and your goals. 


for 4 months


for 4 months

your dreams are valid. launchbux opens in the month of July, 2021.

But, I don't have time

I challenge you to dedicate 2 hours daily to building your dream life. this is what Launchbux will demand of you. If I told you that if you worked hard at building your dream life and business, you will become a billonaire in 5 years, will you show up and do the work? there’s your answer

But, I don't have money

Let’s ay you launch in 3 months, you invested $45 and let’s say your first sale is for $50, you just made back your 3 months investment in 1 sale. Say you make back $500 in your first month, you made back 10 times your investment.. now what seems like a loss, holding the $15 and spending it on stuff or turn it into $500. 

But, I am not ready

how long have you been saying that for? great people start before they are ready. if there is one thing you and I do not have, its time. we could die a year from now, we could loose our sight or limbs tommorow. you will never feel ready to do the thing you are being called in your spirit to do. Sometimes, you have to jump

But, I don't know or trust you

I know you probably have never heard of hellofounder or launchbux before. This is why i am offering you a $1 trial so you can try hellofounder for 16 days. This will give you the time to find out if its a good fit for you

start your own online business today

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