Ready to launch your business but don't know where or how to start?
Welcome To LaunchBux


LaunchBux is a group coaching program to help you launch your business, start getting clients  and start making sales all within 90 days.

Hello there, 

My  name is Diamond okoh and between 2016 and 2018, I started my second business with my close friend. 

We hit a  million in sales within 6 months, got angel funding  of 1M plus from a close family member plus,  some outside funding, had a fast growing customer base, expanded my team from 2-7 people and well, shut down the business. 

It is one of the most painful, exhausting, shameful things I have ever experienced. After going through that process, making all the mistakes, I decided to use my experience to help other people who want to start their dream business avoid my fate. 

This is why I started my now business HelloFounder

Now, we are helping aspiring entrepreneurs go from idea to clients with success and within it’s first year, HelloFounder is  comfortably doing  5-6 figure months. 

How many of these best describe you?


You have been wanting to start a business for years now but haven’t gotten around to it


You want to start your own business but, you are scared of failing


business but, you have zero experience with entrepreneurship


You keep seeing others doing the things you know you can do and feeling down for it


You want to start your own business but, you keep thinking “who I’m I to do this, I am not an expert”


You want to start your own business but, you are scared of what your friends, family or people on the internet will say


You want to start your dream business but, you don’t know what idea to start with


You want to start a business but, you do not know how to come up with a profitable business doing what you love


You want to start a business but, you do not have the funds to get started


You have always wanted to start your dream business but, you have a day job or family and haven’t had the time to get started


You have started an online business in the past but, you had to shut it down cause it wasn’t making money and was draining


You want to one day become your own boss, quit your 9-5, make money from anywhere and spend more time with your family

Next, what is the biggest fear you have when it comes to starting your own online business?

  • Starting and failing

    You often think of starting but then, the thought of the business failing afterwards holds you back

  • Not making your money back

    You fear putting all your funds into the business including your savings only to make nothing back

  • What people will say

    You are scared of people's judgement either seeing you starting at the bottom or, what negative comments will come online

  • Selling, cause you fear rejection

    You know you have to sell your products online and you are very scared of selling. You fear rejection generally and wonder "what if they don't buy"

  • Launching and hearing crickets, no one buying

    You re afraid of starting the business and no one coming to buy from you

  • Failing to meet expectations

    Are you afraid that if you start and start getting clients, you will not be able to meet their expectations?

  • Being himiliated

    Do you feel that you are not an expert and people will laugh at you wondering what qualifies you to start a business doing what you want to do?

Now, how would you feel if these things happen 30 days after you launch your online business?

You get your first sales/ book
your first paying client and then another one and then, the next one.

You start getting messages from your clients saying how much they
love your product/service and thanking you for putting this out into the world

Your paystack/ stripe notifications come on in the middle of talking with friends or family.
That is the sound of sales being made online while you are hanging out with your family

This is how launchbux helps

Launchbux is designed to help you go from your idea or no idea to a full blown online business built around what you love and your life’s vision that makes you money online, helps you build your dream life and is 100% profitable from day 1. within 90 days. Inside the program, you will learn the 6 step framework we use at HelloFounder to help our 1:1 clients create their dream online business with success and which I have used to start my own businesses in the past and bring them to 1M in revenue within 6 months

By the end of LaunchBux, this is what will happen to you

Start building your dream life

How long has it been since you have been wanting to start your dream business but, you have been putting it off? Procrastinating, stuck in fear and confusion, watching others do the things you know you are capable of doing? At the end of the 90 days, your dream business will stop living in your imagination, it will become a real life business


The goal of this program is simple, get you from idea to client in 90 days. Whether you know what business you want to start or, you do not know but know you are ready to start your own business, this program will help you set up your own online business in 90 days. No more imagining what it will feel or br like to do what you want to do. In 90 days, you will be doing it


Because at the end of the day, this is all that matters. By the end of the program, you will know how to sell , how to attract your target customers online and turn them into paying clients. You will understand online marketing better and learn how to use the main marketing techniques that work for your industry. 


By the end of LaunchBux, you will go from not knowing how to turn your passion into a business, not knowing what business to start, not knowing how to actually sell online, not knowing how to start bringing in clients after you launch and being stuck in a place of confusion to having a lot of clarity and understanding as to the business you are trying to bring to life


A huge part of the LaunchBux program is working through mindset blocks. that hold us back from living to our highest potential. By the end of the program, you will be more confident in your work and your ability to help people. You will learn how to navigate through self-doubt, impostor syndrome and fear to come out more confident in yourself 

Is this program for you?

This program is for you if you belong to any of the groups mentioned below or, if any of these groups resonates with where you are and what you are being challenged with now. 


You have a day job but, it doesn’t fulfill you. You do not hate your job but, you feel deep down there is so much more you have to offer the world and you want to build your own dream life + make  impact doing what you love. You don’t have to quit your job to do this. You can start building your dream life one day at a time and start while working your day job. This masterclass will help you learn how to do this 


You know your talent, what you are skilled at but, you do not know how to start a business around your talent and skills. A business that allows you to do what you love and also make money doing it. You can build a business around what you love that brings in clients and makes you money. It doesn’t have to be your passion/talent and making money, you can have it all. And, we arent talking about passive income (selling digital products online). we are telling you, you can build a lot of businesses around what you love. 

At Home Parent

You have done what many cannot do including me, put your career on hold for your children and family. You still want to make your own money and know you can do so much, you just don’t want to sacrifice this time with your kids and want to be present in their lives. Maybe, this is just the only way to keep the peace at home but, you still want to build your dream life. If this describes you, LaunchBux is for you. I know you love your kids but, one day they will be grown and move on with their own lives, don’t you want to have your own thing then? You do not have to give up family time for your dream life or to start your business


You are really tired of your job. You hate it. You don’t like being in traffic but half your life is spent in traffic. You aren’t doing the things you love, you do not get time to spoend with your fanily and friends, you aren’t a big fan of your co-workers and to top it all off, your boss is a gigantic A-hole. I hear you, what are you going to do about it though? Whine all day or start the business you have always wanted to start. That would mean creating a job you actually want, working on your own  time from anywhere + spend time doing what you love and make money from it. If this describes, you belong inside LaunchBux 

LaunchBux is for you if you want to start your own business but you

This program will help you

Who LaunchBux isn't for

This program is not for you if you are not willing to put in the work and follow the instructions and lessons in the classes. If you are looking for FAST RESULTS with no work or to become an overnight success, you do not belong here. This program also is not for you if you are trying to start a business in big pharma, big finance or a brick and mortar business. This program is not for you if you are looking for a side-hustle to start or, you are looking for passive income.

Launchbux Curriculum

During this stage, we focus on

-Building your confidence
-Building your business mindset
-Healing mindset blocks
-Healing your money blocks

In module 2, we will focus on

-Market research
-Coming up with a viable idea
-Choosing a business name

For this phase, you will

-Define your target audience
-Get clear on your offer
-Get clear on your business model
-Get clear on your messaging
-Get clear on your niche
-Get clear on your USP
-Get clear on your pricing
-Get clear on your marketing

Next comes this phase. It includes:

-Idea validation
-Audience validation
-Price validation
-Business model validation

In this phase, we focus on

-Audience building
-Content creation
-Developing a marketing strategy

This is the part of the program where you build your minimum viable product. You will learn how to start your business on less than $200 efficiently

The launch phase is where we help you build your launch plan day-day, and building your launch elements. You also get the emotional support to get through your launch period and execute from start to finish



You get access to the instagram from zero to hero course.


You get access to the copywriting course for business


Learn how to build your own online store + website on $199

Facebook Ads

Get the facebook ads course and learn how to set up ads effectively


You get a full 3 months access to HelloFounder membership


You get an extra 30 days of support after the program closes


You can come back to the videos and modules whenever you need to and pick the lessons you are looking for PLUS, this allows you to learn at your pace


The program is easily accessible online. You can access it from anywhere in the world and at anytime. Your location will never compromise your ability to grow 


Students from LaunchBux are all added to a private members community. This means, you will be starting off without the loneliness most start with. You will have people to bounce off ideas with and review your working progress


You will not be doing this on your own. You will have someone always to help you navigate the process and walk you through when that 1:1 help is needed

100% guarantee

this program is designed to be completely risk free on your part on the condition that you do everything taught in the program and execute. If by the end of the specified time given in the program, you do not start booking clients and do not have a business, you get your refund


Make it happen in 90 days

You have been walking around knowing you can do more, you want to bring something into this world, your idea is beaming inside of you. Enough with the self-doubt, fear and procrastination. You finally have a risk-free way to do the thing you have been over-thinking, so, what’s your excuse?