Ready to launch your business but don't know where or how to start?
Welcome To LaunchBux

LaunchBux is a 1:1 + group coaching program to help you launch your business, start getting clients  and start making sales all within 90 days.

Hello there, 

My  name is Diamond okoh and between 2016 and 2018, I started my second business with my close friend. 

We hit a  million in sales within 6 months, raised angel funding of 1M plus some outside funding, had a fast growing customer base, expanded my team from 2-7 people and well, shut down the business. 

It is one of the most painful, exhausting, shameful things I have ever experienced. After going through that process, making all the mistakes, I decided to use my experience to help other people avoid my fat a 

Who is the program for?

LaunchBux is for you if you want to start your own business but you

  • Do not Know where or how to start
  • Do not have any business experience
  • Do not want to risk it all or do so only to have it all come crashing
  • Want to launcha business but don't have an idea yet or not sure of the idea to choose from a list
  • Do not want to launch only to shut down in your first two years
  • Do not want to spend all your capital on trial and error versus moving fast toward your goal
  • Do not want to slow down your progress with mistakes that will cost you money and time

This program will help you

  • Gain clarity and start taking steps to bringing your idea to life
  • Position your business for growth fast
  • Start making money and ensure you build a financially healthy business from day 1
  • Help you stand out in the saturated market
  • Gain the key skills you need to grow the business
  • Stop procrastinating and start building your dream business
  • Move faster towards your goals
  • Define and build a product or service your target audience will love
  • Build your sales and profit after launch
  • Focus and prioritize the different tasks you need to do as well as your time

You must know

This program is not for you if you are not willing to put in the work and follow the instructions and lessons in the classes. If you are looking for FAST RESULTS with no work or to become an overnight success, you do not belong here

What's inside the program

LaunchBux is a 12 weeks program. Every week a new module is released but, each week is accompanied with another week called "the week of execution". This means that you take everything you have learnt in week 1 and go off to practice. You will have access to 1:1 help during this period and at the end of the week of learning, there will be a group video call to answer questions. This is how we combine 1:1 coaching with group coaching ensuring you have community as well as 1:1 guidance through the 90 days.

The program comes with video modules, course worksheets, group video calls and 1:1 implementation


You can come back to the videos and modules whenever you need to and pick the lessons you are looking for PLUS, this allows you to learn at your pace


Eve though the program lasts for 90 days, we will still be available to answer any questions and help you through for an added 2 weeks and, you have forever technical support 


The program is easily accessible online. You can access it from anywhere in the world and at anytime. Your location will never compromise your ability to grow 


Students from LaunchBux are all added to a private members community. This means, you will be starting off without the loneliness most start with. You will have people to bounce off ideas with and review your working progress


You will not be doing this on your own. You will have someone always to help you navigate the process and walk you through when that 1:1 help is needed

100% guarantee

this program is designed to be completely risk free on your part on the condition that you do everything taught in the program and execute. If by the end of the specified time given in the program, you do not start booking clients and do not have a business, you get your refund

Make it happen in 90 days

You have been walking around knowing you can do more, you want to bring something into this world, your idea is beaming inside of you. Enough with the self-doubt, fear and procrastination. You finally have a risk-free way to do the thing you have been over-thinking, so, what’s your excuse?

buy only program



Full access to all modules

group coaching

1:1 coaching

toolkits, workbooks, cheatsheets

2 weeks bonus support

Private community

I yr access to the things inside HelloFounder

Pay installmentaly/ $103 x 6




Full access to modules

No group coaching

No 1:1 coaching

Toolkits, workbooks, cheatsheets

No 2 weeks bonus support

No access to the Launchbux private community

Access granted as long as you are subscribed

No installmental payment