Grow your new online business from no sales to attracting your target audience online and making your first 6-7 figure months

What is Growbaby?

Growbaby is a 4 months program inside hellofounder WHERE WE  help you take your new online business from zero/no sales to 6-7 figure months and attracting your dream clients online

your dream

if you are here, it means you have a vision for your business that you are struggling to bring to life fully.

For my business, my vision involves

making money doing what I love, opening my business inbox to thousands of e-mails from users whose live was changed because of my product

having a team of over 3000 people with users in over 6 million. being completely financially free, being recognized for my work on forbes, time and renowned magazines /platforms, being invited to speak on stages all over the world, completely changing how people start businesses and creating a system that has my name on it. 

Building your dream business

If building your dream business involves making 6-7 figure months and being able to attract paying clients /users online then, gorwbaby is 100% for you. 

Growbaby is created for founders who are new in business and have businesses between 0-2 years old. the aim of growbaby is to guide you on how to move your business from only selling to friends and family making few bucks to people who do not know you online. making more money. This isn’t a framework for those trying to scale their business

Is it for you?

growbaby is for you if you want to attract your target audience online and begin making 6-7 figures in sales but

you are seeing zero to no sales
you are only selling to family and friends online
you don't know how to attract your target audience online
you don't have the skills needed to grow your business
you are not internet or tech savvy and know you need help
you don't have a lot of money in the bank for paid marketing
you are getting tired of seeing no results from trying multiple things
you are done dying your business growth

I totally get it,

taking your business from new and no sales to your first 6 figure month is no easy feat and doing business on your own is lonely, confusing and difficult. what if you had a guide, someone to take your hand and show you the steps to take to get you to multiple paying customers. someone who will not just teach you but help you execute what you have learnt

This is what will happen after you enroll in Growbaby.

Imagine this

working hours in your business and actually seeing the results in form of client wins and actual financial growth

your business goes from this giant sink hole sapping money to bringing in your day job salary in a month, being able to live completely on your business, waking up to orders and filled DMs with your dream clients wanting to work with you. You no longer worry about money and you are living fully in your purpose making money and impacting live doing what you love. how will this feel for you?

Benefits of GrowBaby

I can hear your mind chiming

what if this doesn’t work? I don’t know this company, people claim all sorts of things online, i should just keep doing what I am doing, i don’t have the money now

your mind is doing what it does best, try to keep you safe using fear. 

Growbaby is

100% online for you

the videos are downloadable and pre-recorded so you can watch at your own pace

has clear actionable steps

you are given actions to take step by step. So, step 1, do this and so forth

Comes with coaching

inside hellofounder, you get 2 monthly group clarity calls to ask questions when stuck or unclear.

Has tools to help

tools like workbooks, templates, scripts, checklists, manuals, e-books. All to make execution easier 

has community

you will not be alone on this journey. inside, you will connect with others like you building their dream lives

comes from experience

everything you are learning comes from years of experience not theory  or textbook knowledge

Is it for all kinds of businesses?

no, growbaby is for online businesses only that are between 1 day old and 2 years old. it is also only for businesses focused on driving sales and attracting their dream clients online. it works for clients in e-commerce, service based businesses, coaching businesses, memberships and tech.

the growbaby curriculum

this curriculum is designed as steps to take when growing

This is the first step inside growbaby. For this step, you will become aware of some of the mindset blocks making it difficult for you to  grow your business. 

By the end of this phase, you will begin the mindset work and transformation needed to make executing the things you will learn in growbaby and achieveing your business goals easier 

At this step, you will become aware of the things you are doing that is hurting your business growth and why they are doing so. 

You cannot fix the problem if you do not know where it is coming from. You will learn that the issue is in your business and in the next steps, you will learn how to fix them

By this step, you will learn how to set goals for your business that drive action. not all goals drive action, some make us unable to show up and do the work , you will learn how to set goals and by the end of this stage, you will set what your business goals are.


By this step, you will learn how to clarify your target audience, your niche, your offer, your brand message, your brand, your USP , your business model and your pricing. 

These things are often ignored when it comes to starting a business making growing one very difficult. you will understand what they are, how to map them out and by the end of this step, you will finish mapping them out. 


This is the step where you will make sure what you are selling in the market is actually what people want. A lot of people launch business around things they love without identofying the most important piece which is, making sure they are creating something people are willing to pay for. 

In this step, you will ensure that this is what people want and get deeper to learn what your ideal clients want out of your solution

In this tep, you will take all the information you have gathered and use it to re-build your product. You will be creating something your target audience truly wants and packaging it in a way that attracting your ideal clients becomes easy. 

If you went through Launchbux, you will not need to do the steps here or the foundation setting or offer validation. 

This is for members who didn’t use launchbux in launching their business

At this step, you will learn the key marketing strategies you can use to get start making your business visible to your target audience. 

Here, you will have a step by step marketing blue print to work with to start building brand visibility and attracting your target audience. 

By the end of this phase, you will begin executing on growing your sales.



Choose the perfect plan

Pick a plan that works for your goals and your pocket.


for 4 months


FOR 4 monthS

you can build the business you have always dreamt of. Growbaby opens for registration in July,2021.

But, I don't have time

I challenge you to dedicate 2 hours daily to building your dream life. this is what growbaby will demand of you. If I told you that if you worked hard at building your dream life and business, you will become a billonaire in 5 years, will you show up and do the work? there’s your answer

But, I don't have money

let’s say you re-launch your business in 3 months, you invested $60 in Hellofounder for 4 months and let’s say your first sale is for $70, you just made back your 4 months investment in 1 sale. Say by the end of the month, you make $800, you made back 10 times your investment.. now what seems like a loss, holding the $15 and spending it on stuff or turn it into $500?

But, I have tried everything

have you? usually when people say this, this is what they have done, posted to instagram for months tweaking and changing their  bio and instagram feed, sending DMs hoping one person will buy, run 1 or 2 paid ads and stopped because no sales came, paid for a couple of courses hoping for a miracle but seen no results. I know it can be frustrating but, will giving up make it any easier?

But, I don't know or trust you

I know you probably have never heard of hellofounder or growbaby before. This is why i am offering you a $1 trial so you can try hellofounder for 16 days. This will give you the time to find out if its a good fit for you

let's get you closer to your income goals

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