Want to start your own online business or
grow your new online business? Launchbux is for you

What is LaunchBux?

Launchbux is a framework inside HelloFounder
that will help you go from dreaming of starting your own online business
to owning one. The framework has 6 phases and is designed
to help you launch your business in 90 days.

How does it work?

When you join HelloFounder, you will be given access to the program. Inside,
you will find the phases of the framework divided into chapters. First, you finish the
classes in one phase. Second, you fill out the quiz which helps you not
forget the key lessons from the phase you have finished. Third, you will use
your workbook to start implementing the lessons so you can start
building your online business. You do this with each phase,
learning and implementing until you finally launch.

Features of LaunchBux

Inside launchbux, you will find videos, workbooks, quiz and community.
The videos are mini-courses to watch, workbooks to help you implement what you are
learning, quizzes to help make sure you do not forget what you are learning and the
HelloFounder community where you can connect with others on a journey
just like you as well as ask questions when stuck in your launch process

Is it for me?

Launchbux is for you if you want to start a business but

The LaunchBux Phases

Phase 1

Mindset building

Success doesn’t start with strategy but mindset. This also applies in business and phase 1 focuses on helping you build the mindset for a successful launch. 

Phase 2


At this phase, the focus is on helping you come up with a viable business idea, choose from multiple ideas and show you how to make sure your business idea is worth investing in

Phase 3

Foundation setting

This includes setting up the foundation for your business. You will set up everything from defining your target audience to branding in this phase.

Phase 4


By this phase, the focus is on ensuring your idea is worth investing in and if it is, building an audience around the business idea we have to make launching easier and start bringing in sales faster.

Phase 6


The MVP phase is where you build your product or service into something people can pay for. This is also where you learn how to create your product or service on little capital.

Phase 7


The Launch is where we take our MVP and fully go to market with it or put it in front of your target audience

Ready to get started?

$15 / month(N5,400
  • 7 days money back guarantee
  • Access to Launchbux
  • Access to Growbaby
  • Community
  • Expert live trainings
  • Master-Interviews
  • Member feature
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