The Story Behind hellofounder

“starting should be easier”, this was my exact thought when i was lying under my blanket , broke, mentally and physically exhausted  wondering why building a business has to be so damn hard

Hi, my name is Diamond Okoh

We may not know each other in person, we may have a lot in common

We are big dreamers

We are very ambitious

We want our financial freedom

We have dream lives and we want to build them

We have lots of pinterest and instagram pictures screen grabbed and saved on our phones to inspire us and remind us of the life we want. 

We do a lot of imagining and talking to ourselves when we are alone in our bedrooms while pretending to be on stage at a Forbes interview 

We are dreamers

It is my big dream that led me to launching ,my first two businesses, getting a business partner, hitting a million in sales within 6 months, getting a million in funding and then, POOF!, shutting down the two businesses with an empty bank account and not even enough money to buy airtime

It was during this time of absolute misery that I thought to myself, ” starting should be easier, why is it so difficult”

In my big dreams nature, one you will very much understand because you have them too, I created hellofounder, a space for aspiring and early stage entrepreneurs to find an easier start



And,  a place where your chances of shutting down like i did is reduced drastically

The experience of shutting down my businesses was so excruciating, i never want anyone to feel that pain ever again

90% of startups shut down every year, i strongly believe that number can be improved and this is where i try to move a needle in the direction of that dream, one dreamer at a time


I know building your dream life is hard on some days and lonely but, I also know i would rather try to do it than not do it and wonder what if and as I try, I also want to make it easier for others by sharing my mistakes , success lessons and losses and also sharing the mistakes, success and losses of others to make it easier for you to keep going and build a life you love- this is the essence of hellofounder 

At hellofounder, our goal is to

make launching a business easier

The things we do at the very beginning of our business dictates if we get to keep going and have an easier journey or, end up with a shitty painful experience. 

make growing the business easier

The skills needed to launch a business successfully differs from what is needed to grow it which is why so many get stuck

make building your dream life and business easier

The process is turbulent. there are so many challenges to face plus, the loneliness doesn’t make it easy. 

You can build your dream life

I know it, we know it. It will not be easy, you will feel like giving up a million times over, you will be confused and scared and uncertain and i can tell you this because I have been there and still struggle even now. What you will get here is actual actionable advise, resources, skills and information that will make the process easier. you can build your dream life but, you cannot do it without some help 

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