8 Things I am Doing To Set Myself And My Business Up For Growth In 2020, You Could Try Some Of Them

So, it’s a new decade already on the horizon

While I usually do not do any of this with like “yearly plannings and goal setting” to set myself up for the new year, I want to this year.

I found that even though I did a bunch of things in 2019, I wasn’t intentional about the results I was looking for

Impact wise, my results were not at the level I wanted it to be because I didn’t even know where I wanted to be

These are some things I am doing to set myself up for growth in 2020

Note I didn’t say “set myself up for success”

I want to achieve all my goals and succeed not just in 2020 but,I am not setting up that mindset

Maybe I am too scared I will have big expectations and they will all flop

Maybe I am scared of failing and not actually showing up

So, instead of focusing on success, I am focusing on growth

So, what are these things?

Identify the foundational things I need to do to make my business work better

When I started HelloFounder, I was in launch mode and did not set up a lot of foundation things

I basically went from idea revelation to execution to “we are live” and right to content creation

As I have worked to build the business, some of these foundational things have continued to come up

Things like accounting, expense report, invoicing, proper sales funnel, streamlined content to name a few

So, I had to get clear on what these things were and I am now working through setting them up

Foundational things are things that once you set up will demand you to do little maintenance work

You will not have to keep worrying anymore because you have these things sorted and it helps your business run smoothly

You can then focus on GROWTH things

You can get to growth things first if you want to but I prefer to work from the ground up so, I never have to come back to these

2. Identify the growth things you need to do in your business

What are the things you need to do to grow in your business?

It could be marketing

It could be hiring

it could be collaborations

It could also be more than one thing

This is the time to get clear on 3-5 things you need to do to really grow in your business

Now, do not do this based off of the things you want to do

Focus on doing this based on the things you are

  • doing in your business now that works and you need to go deeper on them
  • and the things you know could work but aren’t doing

For example, if you haven’t started using paid campaigns in your business even though you know they can work, that’s a growth thing

For me, I know I need to do more lead generation, paid campaigns which are things I haven’t been doing on a deep deep level in my business

I also know that content marketing works well for me so, guess who is leveraging content marketing even more in 2020

Identify what these things are so that you know what you need to take action on in 2020 that will really move the needle in your business

3. Define your goals and objectives in your business

For me, this looks like this

Notice I broke this down into quarters for my objectives clearly defined for each quarter

My goals are 5 for the year

I am even thinking of making it 3

Objectives for me are key things I need to do in my business and in Q1 , you can see the things I need to get done and also in Q2, I am coming up short for Q3 and Q4

I am thinking of making it 2 things per quarter so I do not over-whelm myself but you get the point

Define these so you do not go into the new decade confused as regards what really matters for you

This will also help you not stay busy but productive

Remember, being busy doesn’t equal being productive and this will help tell to a large extent if you are being busy or productive

Having these mapped out will help guide your actions so you know what to focus on and what not to

You will also be able to dodge shiny object syndrome and really focus on your business

4. Define your mantra and theme for the year

I have done this for close to 3 years now and it is so helpful to do

But, there is a major mistake I made in 2019, I didn’t back my theme and mantra with very clear goals and objectives

I just had them and no action plan to actually make them happen

So, even after doing this, you still need to do number 3

So, what is a mantra and a theme?

I will just use mine as examples

My mantra for 2020 is a statement I will remind myself of and read to myself through the year

It is something that aligns with where I want to be in my life for the year

My mantra is “You’ve got this”

I want to grow to a certain level in 2020 and this quote just reminds me that I can make it happen

I am capable of building my dream life

Your mantra can be anything from “I am capable of building my dream life” to any mantra that really stands out for you

My theme for the year is “GROWTH

I have been talking about growth a lot in my life recently because honestly, I feel like I didn’t do much growing in the later months of 2019

Like, after launching HelloFounder, your girl was stuck for too long before gaining clarity on her next step

So, yes, growth is largely on my mind and the theme for me in 2020

Do you know how I will be measuring that growth?

By the objectives and goals, I set to get through in 2020

I may not hit all of them but, I will give it my best shot and learn through the process of trying and, I will use how close I come to my goals to judge my growth

I hope this whole process isn’t confusing you if it is, comment and ask your question and I will help

5. Go someplace quiet and do your own personal reflection

I am super big on reflection because you can see where you messed up, what you need to do better at and where you killed it

PLUS, the quiet does something great for your mind and clarity

In fact, in the book the miracle morning by Hal Elrod, he talks about something called S.A.V.E.R.S

He credits this as one of the tools for productivity and having a high- level life

S there stands for Silence

We need silence to really listen to our instincts and listen to all the things going on inside

Somehow, when I am in silent, I get so much peace, clarity, I am calmer and stress-free

I swear, 5 minutes of calm, eyes shut and just breathing will help chilling more than you can imagine

Take a journal with you, write your thoughts, think of problems you are struggling with or just things like “where can I do better?”

Answers will come to you

6. Start working through the key mindset you want to go through the year with

For me, it has been

“Show up every day and be my best self, be 1% better every single day, give it your best shot”

This is the mindset I want to go into the year with and nothing else

I do not want to obsess over 15,000 subscribers, I do not want to obsess over N310,000 monthly sales

I do not want to obsess over success

Those are going on to my vision board

I just want to focus on growing and the easiest way to do that is wake up every day and be 1% better

What mindset do you want to walk into the year with?

Where do you want your head to be at?

It doesn’t necessarily have to be like mine

Do what works for you

7. Get clear on your expense for growth

So, what do you need to spend to grow

For me, this is what it looks like

  • Brand pictures
  • Website renewal
  • Coach
  • Ads/Marketing
  • Video editor
  • Wigs + makeup
  • Moneyafrica investment

I am not done with this but yup, these are some of the things I will be spending on

I will have to add the final figures and know what this all will cost

You will be getting some coins from your business or wherever soon, you need to not be carried away when it starts happening

Or sending everything to piggy bank

Even though through the year, this list may change but, know exactly what you need to invest in to grow

That’s about it


I wanted to write this article from where I am now and not write from my imagination of where I want to be

This is what I am currently doing to move into my best self in 2020

I hope some of it helps you in some way and if it was helpful, do share with friends

P.S, there are no rules, know what works for you, try something new to keep growing, adding and tweaking

There are no rules

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