8 People You Should Beware Of On Instagram As An Entrepreneur

Yes, you have launched your business and you are excited and ready to move forward to growing your sales and business

You have done a great job of moving forward in the direction to build your dream life, Yayyyy you!

That being said, there are some people you want to avoid and beware of in your pursuit of customers

You can mistake these people for actually being interested in your business and start to hope on them, DON’T

They barely ever turn to paying clients so, while there are ones that go on to pay, 99% of these groups of people do not

Group 1: The Over Orderer

If you ever encounter someone in your e-mail or your instagram DM saying something like ” I want 10 of this, 12 of that, 5 of this”, plisss dear, don’t get too excited

This group are known for giving you high hopes , pushing you to create stock they most likely will not buy and will leave you “checking up on them” to find out when they are paying up

When you encounter this group of people, thank God they are seeing your products and services but, do not get excited yet or, go on to stock up for them cause they said they will pay up on Monday morning

Until they place that order, don’t give that testimony in church

Group 2: The “I am interested” members

These are the ones usually in the comment section of your ad.

If you have never run a Facebook ad, you will not understand how annoying it feels when you see people saying “I am interested”, “Please kindly send a DM” only to finally send the DM but crickets

Now, I know this is annoying and it sucks but, it is also an opportunity for you to validate that people see the value in what you are offering, you just need to learn how to get them paying or, attract the people that will pay

At the time of this article, I am learning Facebook advertisement all over again

I can tell you for a fact, it has been a lesson in fail on your face, try again and keep going

I had been using Facebook ads for my first business but, I had issues with Facebook and for close to a year, I couldn’t work on my adverts

Well, I worked it out and then, when I launched my advert the way I used to, everything was different

I am now re-learning this skill and it has been quite the ride

So, don’t take it personally when they say “I am interested” but 30 out of all 30 do not buy

And do not get too excited that you believe those people will order

Follow-up, learn and keep tweaking

Group 3: The Meeters

These ones are usually classic time wasters

Their motive range from a need to answer calls with “I am in a meeting right now” to a need to size you up in person

They will indicate interest and then say “can we meet in person so I can explain better” or can we meet in person to cover all grounds on this?”


Meeting in person is for closing deals so, make sure to get the confirmation that they will be making a deposit after that meeting or at the end of it

Usually, this is where people’s mouth will start shaking

The best thing to do here is before they even ask for in-person meetings, offer them a video call to “explain better” or an audio call to “cover all grounds”

You do not want to waste all that taxify money or burn your fuel on someone who is still un-decided.

Use videos and voice calls for them

This doesn’t mean that you give up on them

follow up, provide value e-mails and all but again, do not get your hopes up and no matter what, do not agree to that meeting if there isn’t a payment promise after it or at the end of it

Group 4: The Brain Pickers

Personally, I have had a lot of experience with this group

They usually come with, I just have some questions on this or “What do you think about this?”

Now, while there is nothing wrong with helping and answering people, you need to draw that line between what you are giving for free and what you charge for

If what they are asking you is around something you charge for, focus on asking them questions to

  • Understand their problem
  • Understand their pain point
  • Get them to emphasize their pain

And then, ask them how willing they are to pay for help

Let them know you are very much willing to help them and it comes with a price, it is not free

If they pull back, ask them their reason for backing down

Is it money, fear, not sure you can help them?

Usually, it is one of these or, they were never really going to pay you anyway

That’s fine, you have managed to save yourself un-necessary time wasted speaking English for someone who wanted to use you

Help people but, be smart about it

For example, people are always asking me “Hi Diamond, what apps do you use for your videos”, I very kindly let them know all my apps are available in the video shooting and editing course

And available to all students


Because I charge for that information.

By the way, if you haven’t started learning how to create high quality videos using your phone

You have heard that video converts 75% more than writing and also that this number will go up by 2020 and you are still not learning it, you are doing yourself a disservice

Go here and get learning how to create high quality videos using your phone

Group 5: The Praisers

They start their messages and e-mails with lovely messages that will make your head swell (isi ebuo gi)

You feel great because they tell you how amazing your content is and how you have changed their lives

Please, hold your head, usually, this message comes with an ASK

And, all that sweet talking is them buttering you up for what they really want from you

Now, I am always really glad when people send me a message saying how I have truly helped them

That’s great

But, when this message comes with an ulterior motive, I am very cautious

When they follow this message with a “Please, how do you do this, stop before you answer to make sure that they are not asking you for information you charge for

Your swollen head and pride may make you talk and talk and share your valuable resources for free

Rebuke that temptation and simply state

” I would very much love to help you with this and the fee cost is” or refer back to the brain pickers and how to handle them

Group 6: The Cashless Customer

“I don’t have cash on me” is their anthem.

You gotta shine your eyes well well for these peeps because they may be telling you that literally

In your kind, honest mindset, you will be thinking they mean they operate with ATM mainly.

They will now say “How about I do transfer for you ?” which may quickly be followed by” My network is bad, can I send you the money later? I will send it, do not stress”

My message to you today is do not keep goods for people past 24-48 hours unless this is a regular customer and you are willing to take a chance

Most people will jappa from there and leave you waiting or calling them

If you made the mistake of thinking “Ah, this one is a big person, how will they lie?” and then give them the product without pay, you may end up loosing your product and money

If you do not want to be posting on Tune Ednut asking a celebrity to pay you while people debate if you are using the celebs for clout, avoid this mistake

I live in Lagos, the capital of the more you look, the less you see so please, be wise, some G-wagon owners you see are in bed with RENMONEY

6. The Bad experience members

When a potential client comes to you to buy and deviates to start telling you of how place X was terrible, do not engage them with any more information about “how you heard”

Is it God you are hearing from?

If not, please keep quiet and let them vent

Some of these people will carry what you heard and share again to someone who knows company X innocently and from there, your innocent I heard story will ruin your good name

Don’t fall a victim

7. The “You are gold members”

You see all those “you are gold, “this is gold”, “this is amazing sis” comments, don’t let it get to your head

Enjoy it, be thankful to those people commenting because they are following you and engaging

Be thankful that your content is adding some value for people

But, remember that they are comments and not cash

Plus, not everyone who gains value from your content will go on to pay

If you catch yourself wondering “But, I have 30k followers and 300 comments, why is no one buying, understand that if you are actually selling to them what they want, not everyone will go on to buy

8. The sad story members

These are the people who tell you they want to buy but their family member is sick or their child is ill and ask if you can sell to them on a discount

I don’t know if this has ever happened to you before

It has happened to me

Understand that most of those people are perfectly fine

Most of them are just looking for ways to take money from you

Your business is not a charity organization. If you want to give money, go for it but, do not use your business for that kind of discounting

I personally just skip those e-mails and keep it going


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