Top 10 Free Tools For Creating Contests And Giveaways

One of the many ways we gain eyeballs for our business is by running giveaways

But, what if there was a way for us to reach more people via our giveaways

What if there were ways for people to send our posts to 100 of their friends on Facebook, Pinterest , Instagram, YouTube.

Basically , all platforms where they have an audience with the click of a button or share of a link 🙂

These tools help make that possible in their different ways

They all have free plans

They have all been tried and tested by many

I haven’t used these tools personally but, I did a ton of research on them so, I will share all the good and dirt

  1. Kingsumo

Kingsumo is one of the tools I found that works well for creating viral contests and giveaways for your business


The tool gives room for unlimited giveaways

Allows you to embed your giveaways into your website

Allows for integrations with other apps if you are using other tools

The tool is pretty easy to use

You can install as a plugin on your self hosted WordPress site but, this comes with a one time payment fee

It allows you to provide different platforms you want people to use in your giveaway and give them extra points as they go

This is one of my best options

I didn’t see much of an option for customizing how the giveaway page looks

I love that it allows you to set the many platforms you want your contestants to share your giveaway on, give them extra points and it is so easy to use

2. Woorise


Woorise comes with a block builder tool that allows you customize your giveaway area

It provides your audience with a link for them to share on different platforms and the link is tracajbke

The free plan will leave you with the woorise logo and unlimited campaigns

I don’t like that for their free plan, you only get 500 entries

The bright side, you are just starting out and even 100 entries is good enough 😀

3. Socialman

This is also a web app for creating contests and giveaways


The tool gives room for unlimited giveaways and participants

You can also embed you giveaway anywhere so on websites

You can export your CSV file containing all the people who joined in for your contest

This means that if you want to add them to your email list, you can easily do it

Their upgrade plans are not super expensive with the one after the free plan going at $9/ month which is N3,258

The tools also helps with selecting a winner for the giveaway

Downside is that, the free plan only allows you to create giveaways that can run on Facebook and Twitter

Upgrading to the $9 plan means you can run your giveaway on YouTube, Twitch , Instagram , Discord and Steam as well

4. Sumome


Their free plan is heavily extensive

The tool is only focused on helping you use giveaways to grow your email list

So, people who want to join have to sign up for your mailing list

Also, for you to use this tool, you need a self hosted website

I personally didn’t enjoy the UI on mobile as much

If your focus right now is on building your email list, this is a great tool to use

5. Pagemodo

This giveaway tool is mainly focused on helping you run Facebook contests

The tool helps you to run Facebook adverts as well and optimize your Facebook page

I didn’t some digging to get customer reviews around it and there weren’t a lot of positive reviews recently

I didn’t really try using it but, you could try it and see if it turn around out well

To access the tool for pagemodo, tap on the menu tool on the upper right corner of the screen and then, tap on “contest” to use it

6. Privy

Privy is a tool that aids business owners in collecting leads of their customers

The tool comes with a lot of things like pop-ups, newsletter , banners to name a few

The key tool for creating giveaways and running contests is its Spin to win game

This feature allows your visitors and contestants to spin a wheel on their screen and whatever they get, they win

My challenge with this tool is navigation on their website

I believe to get the most out of this tool and navigate easily, you need a laptop

7. Woobox

Woobox is the only giveaway tool on her that doesn’t have a free plan

I added his for those of us who have some small money in the bank to invest and create a viral contest

While they have a $0 plan, the plan is next to useless

If you are looking for something we a lot of functionality and will look really clean and professional without leaving you broke, this is the tool to go for

Their basic plan is $37 which us roughly N13,500 in naira

I like that their upgrade plan isn’t super expensive answer it comes with a lot of functionality

The level of stinginess they applied to their free plan 🙄, this is what annoy some me about this people

8. Rafflecopter

This tool is the most popular tool for creating contests and giveaways on this list

The tool has one goal and one goal only “ giveaways”

You get unlimited giveaways , unlimited entries and you get free form entry option if you want it

Downside is that, the free plan only allows you run contests where people share on Facebook and Twitter

My issue with this giveaway tool is how limited their basic plan of $13 is

Way too limited for an upgrade but, if you are looking to grow your audience on either your Facebook page or twitter, this may be your best shot

9. RewardsFuel

This is my best tool for creating contests and giveaways

Kingsumo comes in second

This tool is also designed specifically to help business owners with running contests and giveaways

The best part of this tool is that it allows you to create video contests where people can upload their videos from IG, Vimeo and Youtube

The tool is also pretty easy to set up

The free plan only allows for 2 platforms to be selected , I believe Facebook and Twitter

All else must be paid to use

Good new me though, the paid plans aren’t expensive

Simply set the pricing to monthly and the first plan is going for N5,500 at most with a lot more features

I love this tool in particular mainly because of all the platforms it provides for entry as well as video entries 😀

This is the link for their free plan here

10. Short stack

This is the simplest giveaway tool when it comes to features

The best thing about this tool is that it provides very beautifully designed customizable giveaway templates

It works simply by asking people to sign up for your giveaway with their email and then, when people sign up, they are sent a link which they use to share on different platforms

I don’t know If this link is trackable

If you aren’t looking for too much setting up, this works well

Personally, my best tools to use are Kingsumo and RewardsFuel

They give a lot of functionality and allow more work to be done for lower prices

Have any secret tool on your list for giveaways, Do share below 👇🏾

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