12 Things To Do Instead Of Write New Year Resolutions

Every single year, people have new goals, new plans, new me and do the whole 2019  walk in social media posts.

Every single year, 3 days into the new year, people are flailing on their new habits and kicking their new year resolutions to the curb.

The reason is simply because we are doing over and over again the same thing every single year and hoping for a different result.

Instead of cranking up New Year resolutions, how about we

1. Dump the 2019 plans

2019  is a long time to be making plans and setting goals for.

A lot can happen between now and March. I started out 2018 with one of my major goals being to hit a certain sales target at my former startup called ROS, by the middle of the year, I was shutting down ROS and too burned out to start another business.

Instead of these grand plans, how about we focus on monthly goals and plans.

A January goal and plan is more feasible than a 12 month plan.

A January goal and plan makes it so we teak as we go, as we learn what works and what doesn’t.

2. Invest in your self-awareness

Quit doing things simply because Tony Robbins or Jay Shetty or I said that they “help”. Just because Lewis Howes wakes up at 5:00am every morning doesn’t mean that you have to.

Invest in understanding yourself. Imagine you get a MAC laptop and you have never had a laptop before. Also, imagine that in your entire class or workplace, everyone uses a windows laptop.

You turn on the laptop and then, decide to look at how your colleagues are using theirs so you can apply the same thing on your MAC.

How well do you think that will go?

That’s how most of us human beings operate. We forget that we are all wired differently and, if we want to function at high speed, we must understand how we are wired.

3.Become better at being selfish

There is absolutely nothing wrong with putting ourselves first. There is nothing wrong with saying “NO”.

Being selfish means understanding the things that get in the way of our ability to thrive and eliminating those things.

It means walking away from people and situations that do not empower us so we can focus on the ones that do.

One of the ways I am very selfish is that I do not attend weddings or events unnecessarily. I know the people in my life who I owe a wedding attendance. My weekends are not spent at one asoebi or the other; they are spent doing things that have immense ROI for me.

What are the things that have high value to you?

High value things are things that have a huge Return on investment on our lives vision, goals, on the things we enjoy doing.

Stop saying yes to everyone and everything people because you don’t want to seem like the bad guy.

 In the words of Tim Ferris, “CUT OUT THE FAT”.

4.Exercise Tunnel Focus and Tunnel Execution.

No more working on three different ideas at the same time. That is a complete waste of resources and unfortunately, you are not Elon Musk; there is no $180 million in your bank account with a team of experts to hire.

No more dumping ideas once it gets hard and looking for an excuse to pick another one. You are not multi-talented, you just really lack focus, tunnel execution and consistency.

If we want to see actual growth in 2019, we need to pick one thing, validate it and if we get a “YES”, we then move on to doing just that one thing for the next 6-12 months.

5. Be in the DO

Less talk, less posts on instagram of you and your laptop doing the work.

Less excuses as to why you aren’t doing what you want to be doing.

More action, more execution, more “I did it” versus, “I will do it”.

“Life is in the do, those who do succeed”- Dad

6. Read books that either improve your area of weakness or they empower your strengths

Just because Mark Zuckerberg listed a book on his top 100 doesn’t mean you should read it.

Just because Michelle Obama released a book and she is ‘Michelle Obama’, doesn’t mean you should read it.

This year is all about cutting out the fat and focusing on the productive.

The only books we are reading this year are books that add real value to us and not just make us sound smart.

After reading any book, we must walk away with actionable skills and knowledge that we can apply in solving a problem we are experiencing or in becoming better at something we are good at.

7. Make plans and goals tied to your over-all vision

Don’t just write “quit smoking” because that is what you think you should be doing or “read more books” because you think this is what successful people do.

Instead, look at your live’s vision as a guide when writing down your monthly goals and plans.

For example, this year, 100% of my goals are around building thestartupreport, building an audience, gaining financial freedom. This means that most of my plans revolve around “adding value, adding value and adding value”.

I don’t have any plans to go to the gym this month because that just doesn’t rack up on my list of things that bring me closer to my goals for January and align with my vision for the year.

It is an important thing, it just isn’t important to me so, I substitute the gym for long walks and in-house early morning jogging.

8. Practice self love more

I don’t think a lot of us understand what self-love really means.

The word is defined by the English dictionary as “regard for one’s own self being and happiness”.

It goes beyond going to the spa or having a laid back day at the beach. Self-love involves always being proactive in deleting anyone or anything that diminishes your ability to be the best version of yourself.

This includes toxic, negative, un-focused friends. Toxic family members, Lovers who turn to energy sapping machines and the sort.

If something isn’t making you stronger, it is making you weaker.

The early months of 2018, I was in a relationship that just sapped me dry. I couldn’t think, I was always in worrying and crying mode.

1 month after I walked away from that relationship because self love, my productivity hit an all time high and I achieved more in 6 months than the entire one and half year in that relationship.

“Act as if what you do makes a difference, it does”- William James.

9. Start With Why

I promise you, Simon Synek is absolutely right about this.

Our source of motivation when things aren’t going well or when we do not feel like it is the WHY.

If our ‘WHY’ isn’t strong enough, we will struggle a lot with getting back on the horse called the process.

Whenever you are feeling de-motivated, don’t rush first to play the Garyvee videos, start with why.

Whenever you are feeling burnt out, don’t rush for your meditation app, start with why.

Whenever you cannot seem to do any work, start with why.

The reason this is so important is that most of us try to cure a disease with the wrong medicine. If you have malaria and your doctor decides to give you a drug for Typhoid because he misdiagnosed, would you get any better?

Fix problems from the root not the surface.

10. Do The Things That Scare you

“Do it afraid”- Joyce Meyer

If we want to see so much growth this year, we must learn to do it afraid; to do the things that scare us.

“The best things in life are on the other side of terror, on the other side of your maximum fear are all the best things in life”- Will Smith

I grew so much in 2018  by doing the things that scared me.

Our comfort zone is where dreams go to die. Make it an assignment to go right at your fears instead of away from them.

11. Focus on the process, not the outcome.

Loose the expectations, you may  ot get 1,000 blog visitors after one month of consistent blogging.

You may not hit 1,000 subscribers in 1 week on youtube because you are posting high value content.

20 people may not pay for your first course even thpugh ypu have been providing immense value on isnatgarm.

All of this is okay because we want to be chamions in our lives and champions aren’t built in the arena.

Champions are built in the gym, on the training fields, on the early mornings and late nights when they are training their butts off.

Champions are built on the blog posts that came out everyday and only got 3 views or the podcasts they released every week that only got 2 downloads for a year.

If we want to win in life and be excellent, we need to dwell in the process. Let it train us, let it teach us and mold us in to the people we want to become.

12. Perfect practice makes perfect

Productivity means “being efficient and providing results in areas that matter”

I am currently reading Tim Ferris “The 4 hour workweek” which is what our book club read in December and the most important lesson so far has been “ to be productive, we must cut out the fat”.

The fat here being all the things we are doing that aren’t bringing us closer to our goals or our dream life.

The fat here means all the things on our to-do lists that are distractions for us to avoid doing the work we know we need to be doing.

Invest your time and energy only in the things that will bring you closer to your goals and dream life, every other thing is a distraction.

I hope you gain a ton of value from this and I do hope that by this time in 2020, you will have had 2019  you hope for it.

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      Hi Jasa, I am currently using WordPress but, a self-hosted WordPress site which explains the difference. I suggest you use WordPress, it will save you a ton of energy and with 14,ooo naira, you can have a self-hosted website which will give you access to themes like my own or, you can build your website from scratch, how you like it without code. Site ground offers a site builder and is the hosting service I am using. I hope this has been helpful.

  2. Wow! Thanks for this. I kept screen grabbing every points. Would do next time to get a pen and my journal. Thanks Diamond

    1. Diamond Okoh

      2019 is a year of continued progress. We are cutting the fat and actually doing things that breed results, new year resolutions barely do. Glad you derived value from this

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