Launch your business the failproof way within 90 days

Want to launch your business but don't know where or how to start or, just starting in business and don't know how to move forward towards growth? You belong here

For Aspiring Entrepreneurs

At Hellofounder, we run a program called LaunchBux

LaunchBux is a 90 day group coaching + 1:1 program that  helps you take your business from an idea in your head to reality within 90 days 

You may have a business idea that you want to bring to life but do not know where to start or how and do not want to risk it all and fall flat on your face. 

You may even have a yearning to start a business but do not have any business ideas yet or know how to go about getting one. 

This program is great to help you get started and start building the business of your dreams within 90 days


how it works

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Launch within 90 days

We help you go from idea to launch to customers all within 90 days of working with us

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Use a risk free + failure Proof method

This is a method that will help you ensure your capital is safe and you do not risk shutting down in the long run.

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get profitable very very fast

Revenue is great, profit is greater. We help you start making money + get profitable without as many mistakes

For Early Stage Entrepreneurs

For early stage entrepreneurs, We created The Memebership- HelloFounder Insider. 

Sometimes after we have gone through the craziness of launch, we get stuck. 

We may have different ideas for what to do but ultimately, not know which is best or get confused on how to actually execute. 

Other times, we know the results we want to achieve but we do not know how to make it happen. 

It’s even  worse, when you are a solo-founder with no one to bounce ideas off of. 

In the membership, you will be taught different skills that will aid you in solving big challenges in business and help you create the results you want.

This includes everything from gaining clarity and confidence, dealing with mental blocks to accounting, selling, building your own sales funnel. e-mail marketing to name a few

What Is HelloFounder?


At hellofounder we do two things, 

1. We help aspiring entrepreneurs who want to launch their dream business make it happen successfully without the pain most go through,  start making sales and get  profitable from day 1. 

2. We help early stage entrepreneurs solve problems they face in their businesses holding them from moving forward without having them spend premium

Our goal is to make starting a business a lot easier for people

We know 90% of new businesses close down in year 1. We know business is hard and lonely and painful.

We also know the easiest way to do something better and faster is to talk to someone who has done it before and let them help you. You avoid making some painful drastic mistakes, you avoid loosing money, you reduce your chances of failing by half. 

In life you always have two options when it comes to success, 

1. Learn from experience- you will learn but the cost will be grave and the pain even deeper 

2. Learn from the experience of others- you cut the learning process in half, you shorten the learning curve and you get ahead faster

Which do you prefer?

How can we help you



Launching Your Business

We help you go from idea to your first customers within 90 days. Have an idea you want to bring to life and turn into a business but, you do not want to blow up all the money you have or the funds you got from an investor as most first time businesses do  or, do not have business experience, we help you by providing guidance so you do not make costly mistakes, answering questions, providing you with resources that will make launching a lot easier and get sales and profit in from day 1


Growing your new Business

You have launched your business but you are stuck. You do not know your first step from where you are, the business problems keep piling on and you do not have the skills or information to solve them not to talk of the information to grow your business, we are here to help you start moving forward, start making progress, start solving those problems and seeing results


Peer-Peer Networking

Connecting with like minds in business is very tough  ,. once a month, we host an online event where people can meet others and connect with new friends in business. You can also find people to partner with and collaborate with within the community area


We also tackle things like gaining clarity, dealing with confidence issues, productivity and all the rest on a personal level and in group sessions. Not everyone here is an entrepreneur, some of us are aspirin g entrepreneurs and others are interested in personal development. We are interested in helping you live your best life as well. 



Courses, Workshops, Audio Training


E-books, Cheatsheets, Guides, Worksheets


webinars, One-on-one coaching, Group coaching, Expert Classes


Confidence 100%
Clarity 100%
Support 100%
Growth 100%
Productivity 100%

Contact US

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Gain clarity on where to start, how to execute and avoid painful mistakes. Plus, answers to your burning questions


Get access to resources that will make tackling everyday business challenges easier


Find information you will not find anywhere else on the internet 

Play Video


Every month, a new book goes up for you to download and read. You will find a ton of books to read in there for free and you can download them to your phone

Video tutorials & webinars

There is so much to learn and we teach everything from DIYs like how to build a landing page on your phone to how to create your own content calendar and paid webinars on everything from pricing to sales funnel building. Most of what you learn here are actual skills that help you solve real problems

Articles, interviews, Stories

The world is big on information but, in Africa, everyone is hoarding what they know. In this space, we share 90% of our information for free and even invite experts to share real advice not fluff. We provide group coaching programs, one-on -one programs and even live video Q&A sessions where members get answers to problems they are having 

Podcast and Audio training

Learning and growing never stops. You can pick up something new regarding your business and personal development while taking your morning walks, morning jogs or even traffic and we make learning that easy. You also get access to exclusive interviews from top people in business and personal development 

Resources and TOOLS

Sometimes, you will need paper walk through\.  We cannot remember everything we watched in a 13minute video but, a 6 page cheat sheet,  you can always go back to, swipe through and catch on. Like I said, we are obsessed with your winning 

320 Free Tools For Aspiring And Starting Entrepreneurs

Skills Shop

Here, you will find different courses provided for entrepreneurs. The courses are focused on teaching actual skills hence the name, Skills Shop. Courses that will teach you how to edit videos using your cell phone or, how to shoot snd edit images using your cell phone, how to create animated videos with your phone and laptop to how to create a website like this one you are reading from start to finish. Everything in here is an actual skill you will need to build your business. 

you need skills that will make it easier for you to launch your business idea or get your new business growing. All the classes here are created around empowering entrepreneurs with the skills they need to solve real problems in their business. Having these skills will save you money, time and mistakes 


The mobile photography class

Learn how to create high quality images using your cell phone only. This clas is for everyone both iphone and android phone users. if you want to create beautiful images iof your products or services for social media, this  class will help you get started

The video shooting and editing Class

Learn how to create high quality videos using your cellphone. These videos could be used for creating content, for product videos, for youtube , igtv, for adverts to name a few. You will be learning how to shoot and edit videos using your iphone or android phone only


Most frequent questions and answers we recieve

Membership cost $100 per 4 months. After which, you can decide to renew at the same fee, pay monthly or walk away.

You can cancel your subscription but, you are not given any refunds. Once your timeline for subscription is over, you can choose to walk away

Launchbux is currently $350. It has two payment options so, you can choose to pay $350 at once or, pay it in two chunks at $200.


We have a 100% money return policy on the condition that you actually do what is in the program. If there is evidence of execution on everything taught and yet, over the period for anticipated results, non gotten, we will refund you your money.

Once you send an e-mail via the support e-mail 5 days before your next billing date, your subscription will be cancelled. It must be just in time so that you do not get any debits

All courses come with forever support and access. You can reach out to customer care and your issue will be immediately handled or explanation provided where needed