Want to start your own online business or grow your new online business?

HelloFounder is

an online school created for aspiring entrepreneurs and early stage entrepreneurs to gain the skills and knowledge needed to start and grow their own online business. 

Picture this

a space where you can learn everything from how to start your business to e-mail marketing, facebook advertising, content marketing, how to use instagram for business, how to use youtube and pinterest for business, canva design, e.t.c. all the knowledge and skills you need in one place

Some classes inside hellofounder

How to attract your target audience on instagram

How to make more sales on instagram for e-commerce 

How to build a website from start to finish on less than $100 only

How to shoot and edit high quality videos for youtube using a phone

How to overcome fear of selling and sell like a PRO without being sleazy

knock knock, your goals are calling

the goal of hellofounder is to help you achieve your goal in business be it to start your own or grow your online business.. learn the skills you need to move your business forward and start seeing the results you want to see in your business like yesterday.

HelloFounder is

for you if you are

How it helps?

Gain clarity

get clear on where to start with launching your online business or growing your online business and also, begin learning all the tech stuff you need to do to grow your business or start one.

save money

Hiring a coach is expensive in today's world and so are high value courses. HelloFounder gives you high value business from years of experience lessons at little to no cost.

save time

hellofounder will save you the time spent on trial and error learning from youtube and google as you will be learning from those who have done what you want to do; results guaranteed

gain support

starting a business or trying to grow one can be very lonely. HelloFounder provides you with access to others like you as well as support on your journey building a business.

Who is it for?


looking to start making money online as a freelancer but, don’t have a skill yet to monetize or, have a skill but don’t know how to make money from it online, you belong here


have something you are passionate about but, have no idea how to make it into a business or, how to grow the business you have launched, you belong here


want to start a side hustle while holding your day job or launch a business so you can ventually leave your 9-5 or already have a business but no growth, you belong here.


want to start a side hustle while holding your day job or launch a business so you can ventually leave your 9-5 or already have a business but no growth, you belong here.

Some resource kits inside HelloFounder

Lines from poems

Consider the visual

Essence of the book

Plus more features

Hi, I'm Diamond

I created hellofounder in 2019 with one vision, to make starting a business easier. I was recovering from shutting down my 2 startups after having a very succesful launch, hitting 7 figures in sales and growing to a team of 7 when the idea for HelloFOUNDER CAME TO ME. 

Live trainings

some trainings from experts you will find inside HelloFOUNDER

Early this year, I had struggles to start and how exactlly to navigate. After 6 sessions of tremendous assistance and support, I was ready to launch. So far, I have been able to launch my business and start getting clients within the first 2 months
get started

you can build the life and business you always dreamt of, let us help you make it happen.

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