Starting Easy


Skills development, Business Coaching, Q&A session, Live training, Resource kits, Everything you need to kick ass at launching or growing your new business

Our mission is to make starting a business easier for African starting entrepreneurs

Launch your dream business in 90 days

Have a business idea  but haven’t launched it  because of fear of failure, lack of experience, lack of capital, no knowledge of how to sell after you launch, self doubt, impostor syndrome OR you want to start a business but no idea yet, the LAUNCHBUX program offered inside HelloFounder is for you

Grow your new business in 90 days

Inside HelloFounder, we offer a program called GROWBABY. This is for early stage entrepreneurs who have launched their new business but are struggling to make sales and grow their business. Is this you? The program runs for 12 weeks and will help you start gaining sales +  seeing growth

Gain the skills you need to do both

From how to create facebook adverts that convert to how to build your own website and all the way to social media content creation. You will need a lot of different skills to do the things you need to do to grow your business

Where do you need coaching?

Our goal is to help you launch your business successfully and grow your new business from 0-1000 customers with ease. Inside HelloFounder, you will be able to

Have a burning question? You can get the answers you need in a 2 hour session. You apply and if we can help?You book a session and we will help answer the questions confusing you or holding you back

Expert trainings are  where experts in fields we need information in come to teach us. expert trainings are designed to have you learning from people you couldn’t normally afford to hire. You get to learn from the very best

Find other entrepreneurs who are doing what you want to do or have done it and learn from them. Nothing beats learning from someone who has been there and done what you want to do. Learn from experience

Staring a business doesn't have to be so lonely and difficult, we want to make it easier. HelloFounder also gain access to

Every month, members of HelloFounder get their social media platforms, websites and landing pages reviewed. This is to help them gain the most results from those platforms

We are  working to attach brand discounts for  HelloFounder. This means, you get discounts on tools you need to grow your business simply because, you are a member

Members of HelloFounder gain access to an investor space where they can find investors that would be interested in their business and we will match them with those investors. 

Start building your dream business or start growing your new business today. Get access to everything for

HelloFounder is for you if you if you want to

launch a business

If you have a business idea but do not know how to launch or even where to start, you belong here

grow a new business

If you have launched your business but don't know how to go about growing the business , you belong here

save money

If you do not want to waste money trying to do it all on your own, you belong with us in Hellofounder

save time

If you want to go straight to results and save time with google and youtube , you belong here

Grow fast

If you want to launch your business and see growth early + start seeing sales and users, you belong here

Reduce failure risk

If you want to reduce your risk of failure with your business, you belong with us inside hellofounder

build your dream life

If you are ready to start building the life + business you have always imagined you belong here

Have it less painful

If you want to reduce the pain that comes with growing+ building a business, you belong here

HelloFounder is not for you if you want to

Scale your business

If you have launched and grown your business but need to scale, you do not belong here with us

Grow without work

If you are looking for an easy hack that will not demand you work for results, you do not belong here

Hire the help you need

If you are looking to hire people to do the work for you as you do not have the time forwrong place

Grow over-night

If you want some get successful quick hack that will make your dreams happen in 7 days, wrong place

If starting your business still scares you
or, you feel down and frustrated because
growing your new business has been a
roller coaster, read this

For you who is scared of taking the leap
and starting your new business, you are scared because
you are heading for growth. You are about to do something
that you have never done before and that is


This business idea has been a part of your
imagination for a while and you are gradually
moving towards it. In the process, you are totally
misinterpreting the meaning of the fear you feel

The fear you feel is called GROWTH BASED FEAR
and it is an indication that you are headed
in the right direction. It isn't an indication
for you to stop

When you think of all the possibilities this business
can bring: living in your purpose, financial freedom,
ownership of your time, enough time with your family,
do you feel excited or feel caged?

Finally, I will ask, which would you rather say at 80
"Damn, I wish I was brave enough to try" or
"Damn, I am glad I tried".

For you who is frustrated with seeing no results in your business, tired and thinking if this would ever work,

You are early in the process. Growing a business is
like riding a bike, you have to figure out how to
do it by DOING IT

And, you won't get it right the first time around

Look at all the things you have learnt from trying,
now you know some things that just do not work
+ see how far you have come

Boo, you are growing and that is
a beautiful thing to see

You have to keep showing up, learn what works,
apply it until your results start to show

You are almost there, don't quit on yourself
and stop with the negative thought cycle,
you can do this

To both of you, the dreamer and the starter,
I am inviting you to join us in HelloFounder let's help
you launch that business the risk free, failure proof way
and help you start growing the new business you have launched

STOP with the excuses boo, wear your DREAMDIGGER hat,
bring your WORK HARD gear and SMART WORK vibes
let's make these dreams start coming through.