We help aspiring entrepreneurs start their own online businesses with success and help early stage entrepreneurs grow their new online business with success.

Start your own online business with success

Want to start your own online business but don’t know where or how to start? HelloFounder helps you go from wanting to start your own online business to  business idea, launching your business on less than $500 and paying clients within 90 days 

Grow your new online business with success

Started your own online business but have only friends and family as customers? plus, you are making little to no sales, hellofounder helps you go from no sales to your first 6-7 figure month. 

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How to start an online business on less than $500 and go from idea to clients in 90 days. Play the video

Hi, I'm Diamond

I created hellofounder in 2019 with one vision, to make starting a business easier. I was recovering from shutting down my 2 startups after having a very succesful launch, hitting 7 figures in sales and growing to a team of 7 when the idea for HelloFOUNDER CAME TO ME. 

Free Masterclass

How to grow your new online business from zero sales to 6-7 figures. PLAY the video

What's inside hellofounder?


downloadable videos you can watch on and offline


e-books, workbooks,checklists, templates, scripts all inside

live trainings

bi-monthly group calls, monthly expert trainings and interviws

Live trainings

some trainings from experts you will find inside HelloFOUNDER

Early this year, I had struggles to start and how exactlly to navigate. After 6 sessions of tremendous assistance and support, I was ready to launch. So far, I have been able to launch my business and start getting clients within the first 2 months

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