For African Entrepreneurs, By African Entrepreneurs

Starting a business in Africa doesn't have to be this hard, we want to make it easier.

All you need to launch  your business successfully  and grow in one place but this time, built for African entrepreneurs by African entrepreneurs

Launch Successfully

You may have a business idea that you want to bring to life but do not know where to start or how and do not want to risk it all and fall flat on your face. You may even have a yearning to start a business but do not have any business ideas yet or know how to go about getting one. You may be struggling with more personal mindset challenges, fear, self-doubt, impostor syndrome You may not even know the steps to take to get your idea to reality and, have no idea how to sell and get your first clients At HelloFounder, you will find everything you need to gain clarity, work through your mindset shifts, gain confidence, push past your fears and have a very successful launch 


Grow Faster

Sometimes after we have gone through the craziness of launch, we get stuck. We may have different ideas for what to do but, not know which is best or get confused on how to actually execute. Other times, we know the results we want to achieve but we do not know how to make it happen. It’s even  worse, when you are a solo-founder with no one to bounce ideas off of. In  HelloFounder, you will be taught different skills that will aid you in solving big challenges in business and help you create the results you want.


Hi, I'm Diamond

After my two businesses shutdown in 2018, I had a complete breakdown and it was during this time that I said to myself “I wish starting was easier”. 

HelloFounder is how I make that happen.There is a huge scarcity of information in Africa when it comes to “growing businesses or successful launches”. There is information on the internet but not a lot of it comes from Africans with experience growing a business in Africa or launching one successfully.  

My life’s mission is to give African entrepreneurs the same access to information, resources, tools, and opportunities to succeed as their foreign counterparts

How We Can Help You



Launching Your Business

You will find videos here and resources as well as access to master-interviews from successful entrepreneurs showing you how they got where they are. This will make your own starting process easier, help you answer a lot of burning questions and give you the much needed clarity you need to get going. You also get access to monthly group calls, monthly question and answer sessions, monthly live trainings. Above all, you have someone to talk to when you need it be it via e-mail or within the community


Growing your new Business

You have launched your business but you are stuck. You do not know your first step from where you are, the business problems keep piling on and you do not have the skills or information to solve them not to talk of the information to grow your business, we are here to help you start moving forward, start making progress, start solving those problems and seeing results


Peer-Peer Networking

Connecting with like minds in business is very tough  ,. once a month, we host an online event where people can meet others and connect with new friends in business. You can also find people to partner with and collaborate with within the community area


We also tackle things like gaining clarity, dealing with confidence issues, productivity and all the rest on a personal level and in group sessions. Not everyone here is an entrepreneur, some of us are aspirin g entrepreneurs and others are interested in personal development. We are interested in helping you live your best life as well. 



Courses, Workshops, Audio Training


E-books, Cheatsheets, Guides, Worksheets


webinars, One-on-one coaching, Group coaching, Expert Classes


Confidence 100%
Clarity 100%
Support 100%
Growth 100%
Productivity 100%

Contact US

  • +2349035097150

The Mobile Video Shooting And Editing Masterclass:$56

The Basic Animation Course-For Laptop & Mobile


You can have access to everything within HelloFounder including Monthly Q & A sessions, Monthly Master interviews, Monthly Live trainings, Monthly Group sessions And Access to the private community for $20/month subscription plan. We are constantly adding new courses, resources and trainings and, you can cancel your subscription at anytime 

One expert live training/ month

We invite people who are experts in different areas that we need help in to teach. imagine digital marketing experts, copywriters, sales funnel experts to name a few 

one q&a session/ month

Have any questions, this is the time to ask and they will be answered during the monthly 2 & A sessions 


Imagine a video call with people logging in live and joining in on the conversation. More like a networking and brain storming session online, that is what this is . This helps to provide you with support and community as you go along and grow


We do this in a turn by turn process for now. Every year, members get brand audits on their instagram as well as other social media platforms,. Audits on their websites, their business models, pricing strategy to ensure the founders are on the right path. 


Mater-interviews are classes by successful entrepreneurs but, they are delivered in the form of interviews. This is how we ensure you are learning from other people who have done what you are trying to do. Members also get to ask the masters questions which they answer during the interviews

one mini-class/ week

These are classes that last between 15 to 30 minutes. The mini classes are arranged in categories and the mini-classes tackle different topics under those categories. This is where things like valuation, branding, raising funds, loans, marketing, pricing and all the rest are tackled extensively 


Examples of resource kits are some of the kits you see above. From workbooks to cheatsheets, toolkits to checklists on different things you need help with for a successful launch or growth


An example of an intensive course will be the course on developing your own website, your own online store and your own blog. A course on building your sales funnel on zero naira or, a course on creating your own app with no code.


This is more than a business to us, this is a mission. To help you win and to help you win massively because you can. You can now get access to actionable tools, actionable information, actionable guidance that works here in Africa created for you by people who get it

you need skills that will make it easier for you to launch your business idea or get your new business growing. All the classes here are created around empowering entrepreneurs with the skills they need to solve real problems in their business. Having these skills will save you money, time and mistakes 


The mobile photography class

Learn how to create high quality images using your cell phone only. This clas is for everyone both iphone and android phone users. if you want to create beautiful images iof your products or services for social media, this  class will help you get started

The video shooting and editing Class

Learn how to create high quality videos using your cellphone. These videos could be used for creating content, for product videos, for youtube , igtv, for adverts to name a few. You will be learning how to shoot and edit videos using your iphone or android phone only


Most frequent questions and answers we recieve

Yes, you can at any time. You only need to notify us of cancellation via 5 days to the day you want to cancel

No, you must not. You can choose to buy the specific courses, toolkits, master-interviews, mini classes or any resources you need. 

You can call directly on +2349035097150 and someone will be on the other end of the phone to help. You can also e-mail us at and we will be right there to help

All courses come with forever support and access. You can reach out to customer care and your issue will be immediately handled or explanation provided where needed

Yes, every week, new mini class goes up. 

Courses are released through the year. 

Fresh content keeps going up

-mini classes

-Masterrinterviews (classes held in interview forms)

-Resources: workbooks, toolkits, worksheets, checklists, the sort

-One live class a month

-One Q & A month

-Brand reviews (social media, websites and other platform audits)

-One group session